Saturday Training 28th March

Hi guys, here is the training plan for tomorrow.

Duration: 8.45am-3pm

              Attire : PE

Time Activity Purpose Detail IC Venue
8.45am Fall-in Briefing Campfire prep Andrew Canteen (Field)
9-11.20am Campfire Prep Prepare for campfire Gateway: Merlion building

Programs: Video review, singing, acting, song Ics


Music Team

Gateway: Gabriel

Programs: Juan/Gokul

Dancing: Kai Ming

Music: Isaac/Joseph

Canteen (Field), Amphitheater, Piano Room
11.30-1pm Campfire Prep Song Practice Unit song practice with music team Song Ics/ Sec 4s Canteen
1pm Fall out (Except Gateway) Debrief Announcements etc. Andrew Canteen (Field)
1-3pm Gateway Building Campfire Prep Gateway comm does not fall out at 1 Gabriel Canteen (Field)
3pm Fall out (Gateway) Debrief Announcements etc. Sec 4 Canteen (Field)

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