Jobweek Camp Administrative Info

Dear scouts,

JOBWEEK CAMP 2015: 14 – 16 March

Fall in: 0745hrs at grass patch
Reporting Attire: Sec 1s: PE, Sec 2s – 4s: Full Uniform + Sports/walking shoes + SJI scarf
Please remember to pack pens in you bag as they will be needed.

First and foremost, do take note that Jobweek Camp will commence from the 14 – 16 March (Sat – Mon). The camp DOES NOT end on Tuesday (mistake on consent form).

To the secondary ones and twos, this will be your first jobweek camp of the year. Inside this form includes the aims and purpose for Jobweek Camp this year. Your target earnings per day for jobweek can be found inside this form.
Jobweek Camp Information <- Click this to download form

Packing list can be found here. Please do note that there are separate packing lists for the sec ones as the sec ones have not been invested yet. You are not allowed to bring laptops to camp as there is no need for one.
Brining a daypack is compulsory.
Jobweek camp packing list <- Click to download packing list

7 thoughts on “Jobweek Camp Administrative Info”

    1. A parent’s letter of consent is needed. It can be as easy as “I am aware that my son is required to attend Jobweek Camp from 14 March – 16 March”. Don’t forget to include the parent’s signature in the letter of consent 🙂


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