Information on training, 27 February 2015 (Friday)

IMPORTANT: Take note that there will be NO sub unit training this Saturday.

Attire: PT Kit
Training Duration: 2:45pm – 6:15pm
Duty Patrol: Blueshark 

Hey scouts,
I hope you had an enjoyable Chinese New Year break. Do take note that there is training this Friday, and there will be a advanced foot drill test, so do prepare for it. The secondary ones are also joining your patrols this week as well, so do be friendly and try to integrate as much as possible.

Time Activity Location IC Purpose
1445 General Fall-In Grass Patch Isaac Khoo To gather and consolidate the scouts/settling of admin issues
1515 Patrol Corner Canteen Respective PLs Getting to know the sec 1s better
1600 Unit Jog SJI -> Bishan Park Connector PT ICs/Nathanael Weng Physical Fitness
1700 Advanced foot drills test Grass Patch Secondary 4s To test for advanced foot drills
1800 General Fall-Out Grass Patch Isaac Khoo Dismissal
1815 – 1830 Briefing for Tenderfoot Camp Grass Patch Mr Andrew Information about Tenderfoot.

Yours in scouting,
Kai Ming

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