Information on training, 9 January 2015

Attire: PE

Training duration: 3pm – 6:30pm

Duty Patrol: –

Hey scouts,

Do take note that there is training this Friday. This training concerns secondary 2s and the secondary 4s, since the secondary 3s are at Camp TABA.

For the secondary 2s, you will be attending a hike briefing conducted by Mr Kwang, who will be teaching you how to write a pre hike log. This is essential, as you will be embarking on your various hikes throughout this year to achieve your advanced scouting standard. After your briefing, you are free to go home.

For the secondary 4s, you will be attending a general meeting to plan for 2015, as well as to prepare for Sec 1 CCA orientation taking place on the 16 January.

Time Activity IC
1500 General Fall-in Guoxuan
1530 Level Meeting/Hike briefing
1600 Level Meeting /Hike briefing
1630 Level Meeting /Hike briefing
1700 Level Meeting /Hike briefing
1730 Withdrawing of equipment/Hike briefing QMs/Mr Kwang
1800 Withdrawing of equipment /Hike briefing QMs/Mr Kwang
1830 General Fall Out Guoxuan

Yours in Scouting,

Kai Ming

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