Information on training, 8 November 2014 (Saturday)

Attire: PE
Duty Patrol: Lion (no flagpole required)

Hey scouts,

Do take note that there is training tomorrow from 8am – 12:30pm. Please do remember to bring your consent forms for the End Of Year Camp.  Do take note that tomorrow’s training will be strenuous at the start, but you will be rewarded by Sub Unit Games after! Rainier will be taking my place tomorrow because I will be on my First Class Hike, so do listen to his instructions.

Time Activity ICs
0800 General Fall-In
Patrol corner(Filling in of consent forms)
Oo Guoxuan, Respective Patrol’s PLs
0830 Drawing equipment from store QMs
0900 Building of Hourglass TowerDeveloping of “Campsite”Building of Gadgets

Building of Flagpole (Don’t put flag)

(In preparation for CBS visit on Monday)

Bryan Goh, Andrew Siow
1030 Sub Unit Games Station ICs:
Chen Ang

Andrew Siow

Ryan Lee

Dylan Manuel

1100 Sub Unit Games
1130 Sub Unit Games
1200 Sub Unit Games
1230 General Fall-Out Oo Guoxuan


Yours in scouting,

Kai Ming

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