Information on training, 6 November 2014 (Thursday)

Attire: PE
Duty Patrol: Blueshark (Flagpole not required.
Hey scouts,

Do take note that there is training tomorrow. Please do get your patrol members to come down for training!

Training will be from 9am – 5pm, so please do take note of the timings and be punctual. As the secondary 3s will not be down during training in the morning due to extra curriculum, the secondary 2s will be in-charge. Please do not give them a hard time leading as they are new and please be patient with them.

Time Activity IC
0900 General Fall-In (Sec 1s and 2s) TL-in-waiting: Christopher Thian


Daryl Tang

Gabriel Lim

Mark Ngui

Zheng Hao



Jian Han

Eroy Chia

0930 Morning Training
1000 Morning Training
1030 Morning Training
1100 Morning Training
1130 Morning Training
1200 Morning Training
1230 Lunch
1300 Lunch
1330 General Fall-In Isaac Khoo
1400 Patrol Training Respective patrol’s PLs
1430 Patrol Training
1500 Patrol Training
1530 Patrol Training
1600 PT Xenden Ong, Nathanael Weng, Andrea Neo, Brandon Tan
1630 PT
1700 General Fall Out Isaac Khoo

Yours in scouting,

Kai Ming

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