Information on training, 23 October 2014

Attire: Full Uniform + SJI Scarf

Duty Patrol: Stingray (flagpole not required)

Hey scouts,
Sorry for the late post. Please be reminded that there will be scouts training tomorrow. Please remember to pack your uniform parts because there is Muster Parade tomorrow.

Happy Deepavali to all my Hindu scouts.

Time Activity IC
1445 General Fall-In Gokul Rajiv
1500 Muster Parade Chew Kai Ming
1530 Muster Parade
1600 Muster Parade
1630 Patrol Corner Respective patrol’s PL
1700 Patrol Corner
1730 PT Xenden Ong, Adrea Neo, Brandon Ng
1800 PT
1830 General Fall-Out Gokul Rajiv


Yours in scouting,
Kai Ming

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