Information on training, 7 August 2014 (Thursday)

Attire: PE

Duty Patrol: Tiger (No need to set up flagpole)

Hey scouts,

As you all know, common tests are around the corner and this shall be our last training before the common tests. We hope that you would use this time wisely to study hard for your upcoming common tests. Scouts training will resume on the 22 August 2014. For this Thursday’s meeting, we will be having Sub Unit trainings.

Due to the Artscience Finals on Thursday, many secondary threes, including me, will not be around for training. However, I do expect you to keep your standard of discipline and take this scout training seriously. Please remember to report punctually for training. My replacement for this Thursday’s training will be Andrew Siow, please do cooperate with him. (:


Time Activity IC
1500 General Fall-In Anzelle Lee
1530 Sub Unit training Respective Sub Unit Patrol Leaders
1600 Sub Unit training
1630 Sub Unit training
1700 Sub Unit training
1730 Sub Unit training
1800 Sub Unit training
1830 General Fall-Out Anzelle Lee


Here are the Sub Unit Trainings each Sub Unit will be doing:

Sub Unit 1 versus Sub Unit 2:

Campcraft/gadget building Competition

Sub Unit 3 versus Sub Unit 4:
Pioneering Competition


Yours in scouting,

Kai Ming

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